Cutting-Edge Technology

Trade the global financial market in a safe, convenient, and efficient trading environment. Made better with dedicated line interconnection.

Trade the global financial market in a safe, convenient, and efficient trading environment. Made better with dedicated line interconnection.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Security


Client's Data Protected by Multi-Encryption

We prioritise the security of our client’s personal information and transaction data. With strict data protection, you can now trade peacefully.

Cross-Region Recovery and Backup

Through Equinix's servers located in London (LD5), New York (NY5), Hong Kong (HK2), and Singapore (SG1), cross-region disaster recovery backup is performed to strictly protect customer data.

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Site-Wide SSL 256 Bit Encryption

Every communication between systems adopts 256-bit SSL asymmetric encryption transmission. All internal and external networks of the database are isolated to ensure strict encryption and safe transmission of customer data and trading data.

Unparalleled Security Protection

Ample experience in maximizing the network security and defense against DDoS/CC attacks.

Multi-Functional CRM Platform


Accessible on Multiple Devices and Effortless Registration

Sign Up and experience the robust trading platform anytime, anywhere.

Manage It All Online

Personalize your toolbar for quick access and easily manage your funds with just one click.

Multiple Analysis Tools

Equipped with world-class trading analysis tools, community-based trading tools, and obtain accurate market analysis plus expert opinions.

Professional Customer Service

Private operating system, a single point of contact, and 24/7/365 top notch customer service.

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A Variety of Steadfast Trading Software

Kickstart Your Trading Journey with Multiple Popular Softwares


Robust Infrastructure


Rigorous Data Center Layout for International Connectivity

We cooperate with Equinix, the world's leading data operator, to deploy data center nodes in London (LD5), New York (NY5), Hong Kong (HK2), Singapore (SG1), and other financial centers. Our Tier 4 server rooms are of top-level infrastructure that guarantees a prime trading environment.

Executing Trades with Advanced Network Architecture

Thanks to the strong technological strength of Doo Tech, we have reached in-depth cooperation with Level 3, NTT, Cogent Communications, China Unicom, China Telecom and other international first-class backbone network service providers to achieve cross-interconnection with global backbone network nodes.

Our network latency and stability remain at the highest level in the industry, made possible by employing 1Gbps fiber optic and BGP that connects directly to major data centers across the globe.

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Top Hardware Facilities and Ultimate Performance

The entire Dell EMC server architecture, equipped with Intel Xeon® E7 and AMD EPYC® 7 series central processing units, seamlessly processes real-time quotes and client’s orders.

A Dedicated Team Ready to Serve

Our team has extensive industry experience in providing you with 24/7 multilingual professional customer support, efficiently and resolve any issues immediately.

Our comprehensive technical solutions backed by Doo Tech adheres to execute your trades efficiently even at peak hours.

20+ Years

Extensive experience


Round the clock service


Technical specialists

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Doo Entities Notice

Elish & Elish Inc

It is a limited company with a registered office at 7700 Windrose Avenue, STE 300 Plano, Texas 75024, United States.

It is a broker-dealer registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (US SEC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) with the regulation number SEC: 8-41551 and CRD: 24409 respectively.

Peter Elish Investments Securities is an authorised trading name by Elish & Elish Inc.

Doo Clearing Limited

It is a limited company with the registered office at 208 Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush, London, England, W12 7JD, and the company registration number is 10684079.

Doo Clearing Limited is a futures and forex broker and liquidity provider, authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and the regulatory number is 833414.

Doo Consulting Limited

It is a limited company with the registered office at Unit A, 25/F, Tower B, Billion Centre, No.1 Wang Kwong Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong, and the company registration number is 2601567.

Doo Consulting Limited is a licensed trust or company service provider, authorized by Company Registry in Hong Kong, and the license number is TC006709.

Doo Technology Singapore Pte. Ltd

It is a limited company with the registered office at Unit A, 25/F, Tower B, Billion Centre, No.1 Wang Kwong Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong, and the company registration number is 2535212.

Doo Technology Limited is a software technology provider serving the financial industry.

Doo Prime Vanuatu Limited

It is a limited company with the registered office at Govant Building, Po Box 1276, Port Vila, Vanuatu and the business registration number is 700238.

Doo Prime Vanuatu Limited is a licensed financial dealer, authorized and regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission(VFSC), and the regulatory number is 700238.

Doo Prime Mauritius Limited

It is a limited company with the registered office at Lot 15 A3, 1st Floor, Cybercity, Ebene 72201, Mauritius and the company number is 172054.

Doo Prime Mauritius Limited is a licensed investment dealer, authorized and regulated by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission(FSC), and the regulatory number is C119023907.